Sunday, August 3, 2014

How to get the most out of the TPT Back to School Sale!

I came across the attached picture while I was browsing the TeachersPayTeachers sellers forums this morning and just had to share!  There are so many good ideas on here!

1)  Filling up your wishlist.  If you have time, do some pre-shopping tonight and either add things to your wishlist or put them right in to your cart.  That way you don't feel rushed tomorrow.  Think about not only what you need (binders, lesson plans, worksheets, classroom forms) but also about what you want - clipart, maybe some new fonts, the fun stuff!

2)  Buy your larger items first and then leave feedback.  Remember - leaving feedback on paid products gets your credits that you can deduct like a gift card from a future transaction!   DO NOT forget to use the code:  BTS14 to save an EXTRA 10% of the stores sales prices! :)

3)  Apply your credits to other items in your cart.  That way you save some money and reap an immediate benefit to your purchases!

I hope you all find what you are looking for and maybe splurge a little bit too!  I know I plan to!

And of course, I hope you might find something in the Secondary Math Shop too! :)

Thank you to Adventures in Kinder and Beyond  for making the awesome graphic!

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