Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Geometry Bellwork - A Longtime Project, FINALLY Finished!

I am happy, relieved, exhaustively excited to announce that I have finished the last set of bellwork for Geometry!  It is a combination unit on Similarity, Special Lines and Triangle Inequalities.  I combined the three together because a) none of them are really long enough to stand on their own and b) I teach them all as one unit! 

Additionally, I am pleased to tell you that I have bundled my bellwork into a first semester MONEY SAVING bundle and a second semester MONEY SAVING bundle as well as an entire year bundle!  Each unit in each bundle includes a full - color powerpoint, a teacher answer key, each day double printed so that you can hand them out as exit cards if you wish and a weekly student answer sheet! 

1st Semester
2nd Semester
Entire Year

I love using bellwork (bellringers or do-nows as my students call them) because not only does it help to settle a class, but it is also a great way to review previous concepts, assess where students are having difficulty and to get students up to the board!  You can read more about my love of bellwork here

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